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Term Sheets in Seed and Early Stage Financings

I had the pleasure of address a full room at How2Tuesdays at Babson this week on the topic of Term Sheets in Seed and Early Stage Financings. Rather than write my own post, I though I'd just like to the a post that was prepared by an audience member and posted on the Babson...


Building a Pro Forma? Bag the Spreadsheet

Creating integrated pro-forma financial statements can be a time-consuming process, but there are major benefits afforded to the entrepreneur who completes this often daunting task: It gives investors a degree of comfort that you understand how to build a business and execute the business...


Chh, Chh, Changes: CEO Transitions

I belong to a private equity business group in my town that meets once a month to discuss various topics related to the industry. This week's topic was CEO Transitions. The panel consisted of a venture capitalist who does seed stage investments, a middle market private equity firm partner who is...


Raising and Managing Money for your Startup Shouldn't be a Mystery

A few years ago I began working on a new class designed for students who wanted to learn about basic financial accounting, raising money, and putting that money to work building value in their business. I met with entrepreneurs and asked what they wished they had known about finance before...