A few years ago I began working on a new class designed for students who wanted to learn about basic financial accounting, raising money, and putting that money to work building value in their business. I met with entrepreneurs and asked what they wished they had known about finance before starting their businesses. Then I met with investors and asked what they had wished entrepreneurs better understood about finance before getting funded. It was from these conversations that I designed the curriculum that would become Entrepreneurial Finance - a class that has been oversubscribed every semester that it has been offered at Babson College - even when it had an 8am start during senior spring!

About a week ago, I launched my first online course, Founder Finance. This is a self-paced, online class modeled after my Entrepreneurial Finance course that covers everything the non-financial founder needs to understand about raising, managing and investing capital to build value in their business. There are short videos, an ebook, quizzes, templates and even a discussion board.

Join now. Start when you want. Finish when you can.