Founder Finance: Basic Edition

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Learn what you need to survive as a startup founder:

  • How to manage working capital
  • Estimate your capital requirements and build a capitalization table
  • Sources of capital and how they work
  • The fundamentals of debt and equity capital
  • Understand valuation, convertible notes and term sheets

Course Description

How do I build pro forma financial statements? How much money should I raise?Who should I raise it from and how?How do I deploy capital once I have it?In this course, students have the opportunity to explore financial accounting basics, building pro forma financials, managing working capital, raising capital, and deploying capital in entrepreneurial ventures.

The Basic Edition Founder Finance course (Modules 1 - 3) is designed for any founder who knows that they need to understand the numbers to improve their chances for success. My goal is to demystify financial statements, raising money, and putting that money to work building value. Through a series of short videos, examples, and an eBook, I’ll take you through a journey that will result in your being able to understand the three financial statements, how cash moves through the business, how to estimate how much cash you need to raise, the sources of cash, how to prepare for and raise funds, and how to evaluate projects when cash is a constraining factor.

The Platinum Edition includes Videos, eBook, Quizzes, Templates, and a Discussion Board where you can post comments to the instructor and other participants.

The Basic Edition includes only Videos and eBook.

Module 1- Basic Financial Accounting

This module focuses on the fundamentals of financial accounting with an emphasis on understanding how money flows through a business.

Course Module Objectives:

  • Understand the three financial statements and how the elements in each are connected
  • Understand how cash moves through a business and how to manage working capital
  • Learn about basic financial analysis
  • Learn how to build Integrated Pro Forma Financials for your business
  • Learn how to estimate your capital requirement in order to build your business

Module 2 - Raising Money

Module 2 - How much capital does your company need? What sources of capital are available? What are their motivations and expectations? What will you have to give up? These and other important questions will be answered in Module 2.

Course Module 2 Objectives:

  • Understanding capital requirements for your venture
  • Identify and discuss the various sources of capital and their motivations and expectations for the entrepreneur
  • Understand the mindset of Angels and Venture Capitalists and how their business operates
  • Understand Convertible Notes
  • Understand Term Sheets in Seed and Early-Stage Financings and how to negotiate
  • Learn to build a Capitalization Table and Waterfall Analysis
  • Learn about Options, Vesting and Dividing the Pie

Module 3 - Capital Budgeting Decisions

Should you expand manufacturing? Should you buy that new piece of equipment? Should you open a new location? Scaling can be as challenging as starting. With capital as a constraint, making a poor decision can be quite costly. Module 3 focuses on understanding the decision-making tools at your disposal to assist with capital budgeting and decision making.

Course Module 3 Objectives:

  • Understand Payback Period and Profit Index
  • Understand Net Present Value, IRR and Risk-Return
  • Understand Free Cash Flow and the Cost of Capital
  • Learn the basic tools and decision techniques for making capital budgeting decisions

"This was the first class that truly gave me everything I needed (and nothing I didn’t) as a 'non-financial' Founder. Professor Santinelli has been there and knows exactly how to teach and speak to non-financial founders candidly. He won’t sugar coat anything and certainly won’t waste your time on anything he doesn’t know is important from his own time building startups and working as a VC."

- Ashland S., Startup Founder

"Professor Santinelli's finance class is one of the most practical and valuable classes I have taken. The class was broken down in a way that was easy to digest and understand, even without a finance background. His class would be on my shortlist of 'must-takes'"

- Chris H., Former Student, currently working in a startup

Your Instructor

Angelo Santinelli
Angelo Santinelli

A former startup executive and venture capitalist, Mr. Santinelli is currently an adjunct professor at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, where he teaches numerous courses in entrepreneurship and is the faculty director of the Babson Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs. With more than 30 years of experience as an operator, investor and educator, he is an experienced leader and innovator in creating business strategy and delivering results. Mr. Santinelli is also an experienced board member and advisor to CEOs helping them build enduring business value.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I start with Basic and want to upgrade?
There is an upgrade path from Basic to Platinum. If you start with Basic and decide that you want the challenge of quizzes, access to templates and a discussion board where you can ask questions, we can make that happen, Just contact us.